Portal to Gaming and GoFundMe


Only three more days left of Portal to Gaming‘s promotion! On sale now for $1.99! If you’ve already purchased a copy and have read the book, let me know what you think.


Also, don’t forget I have a GoFundMe campaign. I’m moving to Seattle, and I need the help of my friends and kind strangers to get there. I just need $700 for the bus ticket, extra luggage fees, a short hotel stay, and other traveling expenses as well as a new ID after arriving. (I’ll be coming back to Michigan for the rest of my things after I’ve saved up enough for an apartment or house.) http://www.gofundme.com/er5djw I do hate to ask for the help, but my current living situation is a strange balance of ideal and not-so-ideal. My grandmother lives in the country but doesn’t have a car. She (and I) has to ask family members for help just going into town and doing necessary things, like grocery shopping and going to the bank. She also doesn’t have internet access, which is great for me when it comes to writing. Not so great on trying to keep up with promoting Portal to Gaming and getting everything ready to publish the next book, The Sons of Thor. I use my local library to get done what I can, but I only get two hours each day. The place is also closed on Sunday.

Now mind you, I love my grandmother. I love her very dearly, and I truly do appreciate her letting me stay with her. The country side truly is peaceful and quiet. However, the lack of transportation is killer, and we don’t have a very reliable transit system in place. (We have a transit system, but no guarantees you’ll get to where you need to go and be there at the time you need to be there.) Opportunities for jobs also aren’t that great in this area. I wouldn’t ask for this help if I felt I truly didn’t need it. I’m tired of the lack of work and lack of transportation.

What I would love to do for those who donate is get them a free copy of one of my books, be it Portal to Gaming or a future release. I am looking to figure out how to do just that. (So if you’ve already purchased a copy of Portal to Gaming, not to worry! This won’t be my only release!)

Now I’m not requiring that anyone donate to this campaign if they’re not able to do so. If you’re able to help out, that’s great. Every little bit helps me realize this goal of moving. However, I’m not going to require that anyone donate if they’re unable to do so. Life is hard, times are tough. I truly get that. If all you can do is wish me the best of luck on everything, I appreciate that, too!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday and enjoying the weather!


Updates, updates, updates


Well, first thing is first. Due to the chaotic nature of moving, The Sons of Thor will not be available at the end of this month. I apologize for this. I had hoped to get it ready for publication, but the lack of a computer and internet access hinders the process.

The process also isn’t helped by the chaos of moving. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in a transitory state. Before today, I wasn’t sure where I was going to go – I had a lot to consider. I still have a lot to consider and to do, but, after some soul-searching and some thought, I will be moving to Seattle. I’m hoping to move there soon.

While the chaos isn’t good for writing, for getting much done, the long term is going to be so much better and conducive for the process. I’m excited and looking forward to this.

That said, starting September 22 and ending on September 29, Portal to Gaming will be on sale for $1.99. This was to be a part of the promotion process for releasing The Sons of Thor. Even though the second book of Arch of Fantasy won’t be released soon, I’m still running the promotion. Promotions are good.

That’s about all that’s happening right now. Life is good, life is chaotic, and I’m looking forward to everything.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday!

It’s been quiet.


A little too quiet, I’m sure, since I’ve announced my publication, Portal to Gaming, but the chaos has only ebbed a little. It is by no means done. I’m currently in a transition phase of where to go. I’ve got a few things figured out. It’s now a matter of getting things finalized and ready for another major transition. I know I should be promoting the book more, but, without my own computer and the somewhat unlimited internet access of before, it’s rather hard to do that. I’m doing my best, though.

Since I’ve published Portal, I’ve been very happy with myself and excited that it’s done. I’m looking forward to getting the next publication ready. The Sons of Thor is my next offering, and I’m hoping to do a publishing blitz this upcoming holiday season. Again, everything is dependent upon me using my time wisely on top of finding a place to live. (I hate to say that, but it’s true. I’m currently staying with my grandmother until I have the means to get out of Michigan.)

With that in mind, I’d like to plug away at Portal some more. After all, I’m very proud of myself for this accomplishment, and I do look forward to publishing more novels in the future. 

The story is about nineteen-year-old gamer Fen Willows and how his daily life is interrupted by strange phenomena after an event in a gaming simulator. 
Set in the distant future, in a near utopia, Fen studies alien archaeology but lacks the excitement of heading to dig sites across the universe. War is a distant concept, fought on the frontier lines. In order to relieve his boredom, Fen takes to the gaming simulations provided by Portal to Gaming. There, he engages in a fight with a blond stranger, a stranger no one else claims to see.
But not all is as it seems, in his real life and his gaming reality. Changes are coming, and Fen’s survival is anything but guaranteed.
With a surprise twist, Portal to Gaming is a fun blend of science-fiction and fantasy and is the first in the Arch of Fantasy series. The follow-up, The Sons of Thor, is tentatively set for a September 28 release date.