Jurassic World review


Last Tuesday, I wrote two different entries. One about Rick Riordan and the other, an impromptu entry, about how I landed a job at Burger King. It was an overall good day. Finding out my blood pressure medication costs $30 wasn’t cool, didn’t pick it up because I didn’t have the money, but it was an awesome day.

My Aunt Margaret decided to surprise me and in more ways than one. She took me to see a movie, which I was not expecting at all. She’s not that great at keeping things to herself. Some of it’s her learning disability. She lacks the common sense in so many ways on what needs to be kept confidential and all that. Not her fault. She’s a very sweet lady, and I love her to death.

Anyway, she surprised me by pulling into a parking spot next to the movie theater. She surprised me again when she told me she was taking me to see Jurassic World. I had mentioned before it was released to theaters that I wanted to see it. I had already resigned myself to not seeing it in theaters. Money is super tight for me, and I’ve learned to live without going to the movies like I used to. I do make exceptions, but then I’m scraping those funds together.

Back to my story. I wasn’t expecting her to actually sit through Jurassic World. Understand, my dad’s side of the family can be a bit stuffy about the movies they’ll watch. Not a lot of violence (unless they’re real life stories like Unbroken and American Sniper) or profanity or even sex. Good, clean movies are usually the order of the day. (That does leave out my beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe for some, simply because I’m the science-fiction/fantasy geek in the family. Not all are opposed to the idea, but it can be somewhat depressing from time to time.) I didn’t think Jurassic World would be the type of movie my Aunt Margaret would enjoy.

Turns out, she’d already seen it and liked it. She had no problems sitting through it again. Of course, she does scare easily. A lot. And there were parts that made her jump.

I definitely recommend this movie for all science-fiction fans and dinosaur fans. It’s one heck of a movie!


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