A Fanfiction Disadvantage


Ola, mi amigos!! I hope everyone has been doing well since the last time I posted an entry. I kept hitting lows yet again, some due to the overall negative environment I live in and from not having a clear sense of direction. There are still some things I need to figure out – like what am I going to do with the rest of my life besides be a mom (no, not pregnant . . . yet) and be a writer – but the balance is returning. I’ve got some very clear goals that I’m striving to accomplish. I don’t know what else I want to be with my life besides a mom and a writer, but I’ve got plenty of time to figure that out. I do, however, have a better sense of direction than what I did a week ago. I thank my guides Odin and Sigyn for that.

Today’s entry is about fanfiction. It isn’t really new for me to find something wrong with fanfiction. Generally speaking, it’s usually trying to sludge through a whole ton of poorly written material by native English speakers or the overzealousness of fans that tends to get to me, but, today, as I’m poised to try and promote my new book, The Sons of Thor, I have realized another thing that is bad about fanfiction, at least for me.

It has promoted laziness.

Here’s what I mean.

When I first started writing fanfiction and posting it to the internet back in 2000, it was a relatively easy process. Write the work, post it to Lexicon (later on, fanfiction.net, archiveofourown.org, and deviantart, to name a few), and just be done with it. I could stew and use my OCs all I liked and not have to worry about revising and getting out there to say, “Hey! Read my stuff!” I tended to let the story stand on its own. I wrote about the characters that I wanted, and that was that. I didn’t read other people’s stories and beg them to go read my material. To me, that was just done in poor taste and stinking of desperation. I always got annoyed when someone did that to me.

This type of attitude does not translate well into the world of professional published author. It certainly isn’t for me, anyway, and I feel like I’m at a total loss of what to do and of actually wanting to do what I know I neeed to do. At the same time, I’m not interested in a fast burnout of my writing career. I’ve already decided that I don’t want to be like Stephanie Myer. Yeah, having her kind of sales would be very nice for having only written a short number of novels, but I also love the appeal of having a slow build like Stephen King did. And trying to come up with unique ways to promote my work is definitely tricky. The question is what I can do that hasn’t been done before?

At this point, I just know I need to do more promoting of my works, at least on facebook and twitter. Find more groups, keep writing, and just keep working as hard as I am. The conventions I want to attend are out of the picture, at least for this year. Just letting my work sit there, unnoticed, isn’t an option.

So, to my fellow writers, don’t be lulled by the ease of fanfiction writing. Yes, it’s a great exercise in characterization and setting. It’s a great way to build a fanbase, too, but it is not so great at promoting, not when you’re like me and don’t ask other people to read and review your stuff in a review or private message.

There are, of course, other disadvantages to writing fanfiction, but then, what I’ve seen for that can also be applied to independent publishing. I am seriously considering starting up an account at patreon and sharing snippets there. It does sound like fun!

Until the next time, my writerly and readerly friends!


Beautiful Soul?


If I held up a mirror in which I could see the state of my soul, I wonder what it would look like. Would it be shiny and golden, radiating the inner beauty people tell me I have?

Or would it show something grotesque, covered in slime and ilk and warts? Would my soul’s scars show? Just how beautiful is beautiful?

I find myself in a situation where, no matter what I choose to do, I will not win. I keep my silence to prevent heartache, hurt feelings will still follow. I speak my mind, the personal truths I have discovered about people, hurt feelings will still follow. Because I’ve had to shield myself from the negativity by going into a safe space, because I have a major editing project I need done, I’m not the granddaughter my grandmother thought she knew. I can tell her all of this, and, either way, she will be hurt, or she won’t believe me.

I love this woman. But she’s not the grandmother I remember, either. I find myself in a few between a rock and hard spot situations, and I just don’t know what else to do anymore. And the last thing I want is to start feeling sorry for myself, for all that I’ve endured, because I once start that, once I start looking back at the illusion of how “great” everything was, the misery will kick in, and I don’t want to backsliding. Not again.

So if I held a mirror up, what would my soul look like? Would the light shine through? Or would the muck be too much for me to bear?

I know this. My soul is not all golden and shiny. Life has happened. Life has tarnished bits and pieces of me that I will never be able to shine clean again. I can try, though, and that’s all I can do.

The Sons of Thor pre-order option; Creative Writing Exercise


The Sons of Thor is available for pre-order.
Also, due a series of storms that ripped through my area on Sunday, leaving my grandmother’s house without power for a while, I’ve pushed the release date back from August 18th to August 31st. Just a tad bit more time to do some major content revising.

About The Sons of Thor

Twin brothers Daniel and Wolfgang have a problem. For three days, they’ve been stuck in their virtual gaming reality and with no contact from the world they know. The sons of two top-ranking military officials, they know they need to make a decision on what to do next and fast. They can’t stay in Tulupa and hope for a rescue that isn’t coming. Time is running out.

The twins decide to continue their original quest: Hunt down King Lopt’s two-headed fire wyvern. Their hope is to go home upon completion of this task and to be reunited with their family and their best friend. They are unaware that things have changed and that they’re on a path to a greater destiny.

The Sons of Thor is the second installment of the Arc of Fantasy series and follows the traditional questing party epic with strong men, magic, and beautiful women. High adventure awaits! The novel is available for pre-order today on Amazon Kindle.

Here is the link for Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Sons-Thor-Arc-Fantasy-Book-ebook/dp/B012XDRNQA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1438696913&sr=8-1&keywords=the+sons+of+thor
The Sons of Thor is $3.99.

Creative Writing Exercise

This is not something that you can do just once and have it work. Rather, it’s a daily thing, a visualization thing, and a meditation thing because this is how I see creativity as a whole. I remembered I started to do this about a year or so back. I’m sure things have “withered” up a little, but a little pruning of the dead leaves should help with new growth.

What I am talking about is a way to visualize your creativity. For me, I envisioned it as a tree. A small sapling, something that required care, love, and respect. The type of tree matters not, just that it’s a tree.

Why a tree? If you ever look around you, you might notice that various other plants wither and die rather quickly. They’re often seasonal. They don’t last long. A tree stands year round, be it an evergreen like a pine or an oak.

At the same time, just don’t imagine the sapling sitting there doing nothing. You can make this sapling grow as quickly or as slowly as you want. But you have to envision your creative tree sapling growing and taking roots deep into your soul.

Or, if you prefer, imagine your creativity in the form of muses, people or animals you can discuss your ideas with just before you fall asleep. There are no limits to how a writer, a musician, or any creative person can feed their creativity. The point is you must feed it, or it will starve to death. And it will be that much harder to revive after it’s been neglected.

I will be doing this for myself again, along with a few other meditation techniques. I’ve been feeding my creativity but not near enough.


In addition to Ravensrealm and Snow In Olympus, I’ll be resuming either Dragon’s Rain or Frost Giants in addition to starting the first book in another series called The Cold LandsThe Cold Lands I have plans on approaching a major publishing house for so I’m excited about this!

Finally, I’m going to be submitting something for Writers of The Future, either for this quarter or the next. I haven’t decided on what, though. That’ll be in a future update.

In the meantime, I leave you with more links for Portal to Gaming and The King and Queen of Wands.

About Portal to Gaming:
The future is a shining beacon for all of humanity. Earth is peaceful with no civil unrest. Food is plentiful, the weather always beautiful. For the last five years, war has been fought along the edges of human colonization against a race known as the Salmorians.
Life should be perfect for nineteen-year-old Fen Willows. His parents are universally-renowned alien archaeologists with military contracts. His best friends, twins Wolfgang and Daniel Evans, share the same interests.
Life is boring and painful. On the heels of a break-up with his boyfriend, Fen takes to the virtual reality simulators of gaming giant, Portal to Gaming. There, he tries to forget his troubles and loneliness until a mysterious swordsman shows up and turns his life upside down. The lines between fantasy and reality start to blur for Fen, but there is more. Feelings of unease hound him after his encounter, sensations he can’t explain why he has them. Unsure of who he can really tell, Fen keeps his thoughts and emotions to himself.
Not all is as it seems, though, and the new twists in Fen’s life are the only hints of what’s to come. Greater powers are at work, and Fen is only one of several people in the heart of the conflict.

Portal to Gaming is available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble NOOK for $3.99

About The King and Queen of Wands
Rumors are circulating around Asgard – Loki and his son, Fenris, have escaped their confinement. Ragnarök is about to befall them, and they’re ready. They will die with honor, dignity, and valor.
Loki never shows.
For weeks, Odin stands watch with Heimdall, looking for his blood brother and former ally. Rumors continue to fly about a dire wolf roaming the lands to the south, eating a few livestock here and there, but there are no signs of Loki. Spring, glorious spring, emerges, and the hearts of mankind lighten.
Something has altered the course of Fate, and Odin decides to find out what. Accompanied by Thor and two Asgardian warriors, he heads to where Loki was bound.

Zeus has it made. His reign as the King of the Gods is flourishing. Warm weather, an abundance of food – life is good.
Until Hermes announces there are trespassers in the sacred groves of Olympus, and they’ve stolen from the Gods. A man, a woman, and a wolf, and the two are not mortals. Curious and determined to bring them to justice for trespassing and thievery, Zeus goes after them with Artemis and Athena.

Loki is hungry. For centuries, he’s lain bound to three rocks, a poisonous snake hanging over his head. For centuries, he’s watched his wife, devoted Sigyn, stand vigil over him, holding a small wooden bowl to catch the poison and keep the pain away. And she’s told him something that changes the course of his fate, something that’s more important than revenge on Asgard for slights and insults and the deaths of his sons.

Worlds are about to collide with interesting consequences to come.

The King and Queen of Wands
 is available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble NOOK, and Smashwords for $2.99