Writing Tip Wednesday – Talking to the Characters


Okay, this is where my blog is going to take an interesting turn as I’m not going to be writing about anything that’s set in stone (rules of grammar) or anything others believe ought to be set in stone (don’t use adverbs! – example only) in regards to writing. Rather, it’s going to be a fun entry, at least in my opinion, and one that could cause many a debate. Or not. Authors can be such fickle creatures in the things we like/want/feel we must urgently debate over.

In any event, this is the entry where I highly encourage my fellow authors and all beginning authors to take a moment and talk to the characters we’re trying to bring to life. It takes only a little imagination, really, and, while it might make one sound insane to do so – ficitional characters are not real, after all – it is one way to help bring them to life when it comes the written word. Characters are like living creatures in their own sense. They need life breathed into them. With each little mental interaction – heck, you can envision them talking to other characters, talking to established characters like Captain America – and seeing where it takes you. Characters are meant to be extensions of ourselves, what we wish we could do in certain situations or what we wish we could be like in our real lives. Explore how they will interact with others, and you may just surprise yourself.


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2 thoughts on “Writing Tip Wednesday – Talking to the Characters

  1. Meagan Walker

    Ah this is some great insight! I have several techniques I use to bring my characters to life, but I’ve been having a bit of trouble with some of my minor characters. But this is a new idea I haven’t explored yet. I’m excited to try it out!

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