I Drive a Mom Car


As strange as it may sound, I drive a mom car. A little refresher for everyone.

On Saturday, August 13, 2016, I stepped onto a car lot to look at buying a car. I’d actually avoided even looking at cars until that point because I was waiting to see what the outcome of the 2016 election was going to be. (As we all know, it wasn’t good.) Depending on who won, I was either going to leave the country (#45) or pursue another dream in addition to writing and start a homestead (if Hillary had won). I was going to get a rental car and possibly a U-Haul to help my best friend move from Arizona to North Carolina. Seemed like the wiser decision at that time.

Anyway, because I didn’t have a car, someone had to get up early enough to take me to work then be available to come and get me after work. Again, a small reminder, I work as a server for a local Ihop (recently opened – we’ll be celebrating our two-year anniversary in October), and the Ihop I work at is around 15 miles away from my mother’s house. Because we don’t Tulsa when we drive (i.e., drive the expressways to get somewhere in ten minutes rather than 30 – the long route helps with the creative process and a few other things), we happened to drive by the dealership where I chose my car.

We’d driven by that dealership anywhere from 4-5 days a week, minus the month and a half I lived in New Orleans, for almost a year when I had a rather sudden change of thought on buying a car. All day at work, I contemplated the wisdom of getting a rental car versus the wisdom of getting a car for myself. I told my mother I wanted to stop at that particular dealership to at least look. If they didn’t have anything that appealed to me, well, there’s another car dealer just down the road from me that I would have gone to in order to find a car.

After work and after my stepdad had come to get me, he dropped me off, and I looked at a grand total of four vehicles: two Ford Rangers (my first vehicle purchase was a 1990 Ford Ranger, followed by a 1996 Ranger, followed by a 1999 Ranger so I do love a good pickup truck) and two Ford Escapes. The Rangers didn’t really catch my eye this time around, but the Escapes? Well, I’d been wanting one for a few years so I was bouncing back and forth between a red 2006 Escape and a blue 2003 Escape.

The deciding factor when I wanted to find out the cost of the car?

The color blue

I asked about the blue 2003 Ford Escape only. I was financed for the blue 2003 Escape. I’d named the car on the test drive to the house to get more paperwork that I needed. I’d never wanted a car as much as I’d wanted this car, and the only reason why I even bothered to look was because my best friend needed help moving. She couldn’t do it on her own, and there was no one else to help her, who could help her the way that I was offering.

I’ve had my Sigyn for a year now, and I owe a wee bit under $6500. That is a cause of joy for me. The only thing missing is having a little one or two in the backseat. I truly have a mom car, and I love it.

(To note here: I do know what happened in Charlottesville, and I’m very saddened and outraged to hear that such a thing is happening in 2017. I thought we left that behind in the 1950s.)


3 thoughts on “I Drive a Mom Car

  1. Chris Ridgeway

    I enjoy these blog posts. Not sure why, just like seeing what you have got going on. I’d be hesitant to ever add you Facebook, just cuz idk how much we could disagree on certain things, so this is nicer. But that said, it does make me wish to hang out sometime eventually, just to see how we get along. 🙂

      • Chris Ridgeway

        I work 12 to 9 often. (Full time) its one of those things where I may have to see if our schedules ever align. I have today off but was going to make up some hours today but might not anyways because I lost my voice. (I’m sadly a telemarketer)

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