Call Me a Bitch One More Time! XD LOL. Oh, and there’s more!


Long time no see in all of this. Life has been rather busy and draining lately. I’m looking to make some changes to alleviate all of that.

You know what’s really hard to do in life? Insult someone who has already laid claim to the word you’re trying to use an insult. About two months ago (give or take a bit), through a former mutual friend, some guy took it upon himself to act childish and start lashing out at others in an attempt to defend the former mutual friend. This guy’s attempted to insult me by calling me an asshole, green-lipt geek. Yes, lipped is spelled wrong. That’s precisely how he spelled it.

Here’s the thing: Yes, there are times when I’m an asshole, and I know it. Asshole isn’t necessarily a common attempted insult for a woman, but it does happen. (From the throwback machine, one of my former co-workers when I worked in a factory told me her boyfriend called her an asshole once. Shocked her. In the end, she found it funny, and I did as well.)

Oh, and in my profile picture on Facebook, I’m wearing green lipstick. That was quite intentional. I actually experiment with effects when applying my makeup for work. I’ve been called a mermaid, an unicorn, and have had positive comments when I mix purples and blues together to get a peacock look. The green lipstick that day was for the mermaid effect.

Finally, I am a geek. If you’ve followed this journal, if you’ve known me for any given length of time, you k now I was raised as a geek (though I’m sure my parents weren’t actually intending for that to happen). Yes, I was a little stung by this. At first. But then came the amusement. That was supposed to be an insult? I’m proud of myself for being daring and expressive with how I apply my makeup. I’m proud of myself for being a geek. I know so many amazing people because I am a geek. The geek is part of who I am and who I shall always be. It says more about the people trying to use the geek and the daring aspect about my life against me than it does about me.

So that’s one person’s attempts at insulting me, trying to put me down. This morning, as I’m going through one of my daily morning rituals, I get a notification from that I have a private message waiting for me. This person has taken it upon herself to say the following: You’re a bitch, you know that?

Now, like most people, this took me by surprise. This is an out of the blue message. There’s that initial moment of why would you say that to me and the desire to ask said question. I also couldn’t help but laugh and be amused by this because, yes, my friends, I have used the label of bitch as a badge of honor for well over twenty years. It’s been a shield for me, and it’s something I would get labeled as anyway because I am often outspoken, I am stubborn, and I refuse to bend to how others want me to be. I am me. I really don’t want to be an imitation of someone else because, at best, I’d be a poor and pale imitation of the other person. Bitch is something I’ve been called many times before throughout my life. I’ve even called myself a bitch.

After the initial “wtf?!” feeling left, I was more amused than anything else. I’m still amused by all of this. I honestly don’t know why this person did this. I can speculate. I could probably ask this persona as well. However, I’m not asking this person why she felt the need to send me a private message, out of the blue, to call me a bitch. I checked my private message history and found no interactions there. I checked my review history, and, like the private message history, I’ve found nothing there as well. I admit to curiosity here, but to try and get my attention by automatically calling me a bitch then giving me no reason as to why you’re calling me a bitch? It isn’t a cool way to go, I’m simply going to agree with you, say okay, and I’m going to move on with the rest of my day. The word bitch isn’t an insult for me. I don’t care if you call me that. I do try to avoid giving people reasons to call me a bitch – I am a professional author and therefore do what I can to behave professionally when in public. I have speculated a little bit on this, but, again, I’m moving on.

With that, yes, I’m moving on. It’s been three weeks since I was approved for Exhibitor space for Tokyo in Tulsa. It’s been two weeks since I’ve paid for my Exhibitor space for Tokyo in Tulsa. For my Facebook and Twitter friends, you already know this. I have 96% of what I need to have a spectacular display for this. My mother will be my table buddy this year, and she’ll be selling crocheted items like hats, tablet covers, bookmarks, and more. I’m very excited about this. I have an artist on board to do the cover art for the Arc of Fantasy paperbacks, and Arc of Fantasy is getting a relaunch. I’m going over the first two publications and updating the manuscripts.

Finally, I’ll be starting up some live feeds on Facebook. The first one will be a week from this upcoming Wednesday, at 9 pm central. I’m going to share a story with everyone, though which one will be a surprise. (I haven’t decided yet.)

Tune in next Wednesday to find out!