The constant change in plans/Personal Meet-and-Greet/Updates


Actually, this is nothing serious. I just won’t be able to attend the two conventions I had planned on this fall, which is okay. Those were just tentative and as finances allowed. Given I’ve just started working as a server at a local IHOP (training to be a server at an IHOP they’re getting ready to open sometime next month) as well as starting sometime in the next week or so at Whataburger, the time just wouldn’t be possible. I won’t be able to get Halloween off for IHOP anyway. (One of the days they actually don’t allow for people to ask for off.) The change in locale hasn’t helped, either, as I’m not close enough to attend either Ramencon or Youmacon at this point.

However, I’m not going to stick strictly to facebook, google plus, and twitter to promote my stories. I am living in a larger city than I was before, and I have better access to places that I didn’t while living in Michigan. That’s a bonus for me at this point. I’m still trying to get myself to think outside the box on what I can do to spread the word about the ebooks. (And, believe me, with me working two jobs, buying ISBNs and getting everything in print and audio is on my list of things to do!)

A potential convention circuit is being planned for 2016. Once I figure out how long of a jaunt I’m going to take to Europe. Right now, I’m in this wonderful yet not so wonderful sweet spot where I only have to worry about my student loans and paying partial rent and utilities to my mom, stepdad, and brother (everything is in their names) while at the same time I truly need an entire living space to call my own. I have no kids (yet), no boyfriend or spouse, and no pets (everyone else has enough for me to cuddle with when I need it). And I’m trying to weigh the benefits of everything at this point while trying to live a life with no regrets with the question being what am I most likely to regret the most.

In the meantime, some informal meet and greets are on the agenda. 🙂 I may even ask my sister to join me at a few so people can meet the cover artist. (We’ll see with her. She does have her own agenda and work schedule to follow.)

The next stories underway for me are Ravensrealm – Book 3 in the Arc of Fantasy series, Snow in Olympus – Book 1 in The Twilight of the Gods series, The End of Ragnarök – Book 1 in The Cold Lands series, The Fall to Midgard, Frost Giants, and Dragon’s Rain. I am not announcing any publication dates yet. I will when it’s closer to time for me to do so, and right now is just not the time.

Finally, Portal to Gaming has made its way to Smashwords. You can find it at and The Sons of Thor at Smashwords as well, I’ll be updating with a new entry for this.

That’s where things in my life currently stand right now. I’m not 100% happy, but then I’m not 100% depressed and down in the dumps, either. I’m definitely getting myself into a better state of mind.


The Sons of Thor is now live!


As promised, The Sons of Thor was released to Amazon Kindle on Monday, August 31, 2015. The story was published to NOOK on Tuesday, September 1, 2015, due to me not having a reliable WiFi connection on the bus to Chicago. But the story is live on both now and available for purchase at $3.99!

About The Sons of Thor:
They were supposed to be having the time of their lives on the biggest gaming adventure ever. After all, nineteen-year-olds Daniel and Wolfgang have just received the best news imaginable. They’ve been chosen to be among the only five players to participate in Portal to Gaming’s Arc of Fantasy pre-game launch, something they’ve wanted since the epic gaming adventure was announced.

Only something’s gone wrong. The twins are now stuck in their virtual reality where the situation has gone from fun and make-believe to very real, very quick, and dangerously so. The only way they can go home is to embark on the very real quest of facing King Lopt’s twin-headed fire wyvern, a creature no one has ever slain. The Salmorians, the alien race at war with Earth and her allies, chase after them, intent on killing them, and they’re not the only enemies hot on the twins’ trail.

Little do the twins know they’re undertaking a journey of great and dangerous significance, one that will change their lives forever or kill them in the process. The race to the fire wyvern is on!

Arc of Fantasy tagline: Turning Dreams Into Reality
The Sons of Thor is Book 2 in the Arc of Fantasy series

Coming soon:
Ravensrealm, Book 3 of Arc of Fantasy
Snow in Olympus, Book 1 of The Twilight of the Gods